Build We Must!

We started building at the end of 2000. My sister decided that we should revisit our childhood dollhouses and "upgrade" them.

Then we started to read dollhouse magazines and realized the large world of dollhouses. We sent for catalogs, went to shows, and found local shops. We were amazed and delighted. We decided to build 1:12 scale houses. My sister bought a dollhouse at Target, we put it together, decided it was too small, bought another and bashed the two! We called the house The Original Rowbottom Manse. With this success, I designed, and we built a "mansion" -- Sunnybrook Farm (see original blog for both).

All our houses have families living in them and a story is built around their personalities and lifestyles. This story is an integral part of the building process, and is included in the blog.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas at Lockspur Lane

I am always amazed that even a little item to be done may turn into a time consuming task. (sigh) I reentered this hobby with a small dollhouse to build so that I could quickly finish. No such deal.

Also, I forgot some of the neat labor-saving methods that I had learned (sigh, again). Anyway, I am having a good time (and driving my husband crazy) and the house is coming along nicely.

I have 98% finished the living and dining rooms and I am only doing minor things for a while. I have decorated the living and dining rooms and the little people want to have a party without sawdust and other building debris falling around them!
Dining Room

Living Room

Dining Room with guests

Living Room with guests
House unfinished but on its way
Brick sheet from HBS--trying something new -- we shall see

I am still having trouble with images in BlogSpot--really strange!