Build We Must!

We started building at the end of 2000. My sister decided that we should revisit our childhood dollhouses and "upgrade" them.

Then we started to read dollhouse magazines and realized the large world of dollhouses. We sent for catalogs, went to shows, and found local shops. We were amazed and delighted. We decided to build 1:12 scale houses. My sister bought a dollhouse at Target, we put it together, decided it was too small, bought another and bashed the two! We called the house The Original Rowbottom Manse. With this success, I designed, and we built a "mansion" -- Sunnybrook Farm (see original blog for both).

All our houses have families living in them and a story is built around their personalities and lifestyles. This story is an integral part of the building process, and is included in the blog.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Real Progress! Of course, ever so slowly.

Some rooms are getting much closer to being finished, but still seem to be aways, away. One of the problems is that I keep finding something to change, or something to add, or something to remove!

I have finished "bricking" the house and will discuss the trials and tribulations of using those sheets in my next post. It was interesting, to say the least! The roof is finally glued down--no more getting into the upstairs hallway!

I have finished the main stuff for the living room and master bedroom, but they still need something here and there. The master bedroom ceiling light has to be glued--those "sticky" pads supplied never hold for long--I don't even know why I bother with them.
Electricity is going well. I am pulling the wires out the back of the house and into those power strips into a transformer. I haven't figured out how to electrify the front coach lamps--but that's for another day!

I have decided that the attic slated roof will open upward on hinges. I was going to make it a pull-away, but that flimsy lumber and the weight of the dormers scared me that too many pulling away and the roof would not survive very long. Besides I already have the first floor front a pull-away, but that seems quite secure.
The brick are very nice (interesting to use!!), but not as red as this.
This color is more accurate.
Interior view of all rooms.
Living room facing left.
Living room entire.
Living room facing right.
Dining room.
Dining room facing left.
Dining room facing right.
Robin's bedroom.
Master bedroom.


  1. Hello Iris,
    The brick looks beautiful. I look forward to hearing all about it because it looks very realistic! Great work! I love the interior rooms. You chose lovely wallpapers and colour combinations. I especially like the China cabinet in the dining room...what a great piece.
    Big hug

  2. Hi Iris! I think that your bricks look Great too! and like Giac, I am looking forward to hearing more about your experiences when working with them. I have never been brave enough to try but I have always been curious about them.
    I think that your doll's house is lovely both inside and out! :D


  3. Thanks, Giac,
    The brick is very realistic, but as with some many things, it takes some trial and error before the best method is found. I want to write it up soon so maybe others will try it. That China cabinet was an absolute greatest find on eBay. It's used, but I took a chance and it was in perfect condition! I love it too.

  4. Hi Iris! I have fallen behind on my visits to your Houses! Larkspur Lane is starting to look very well put together! (You work fast!)I think the bricks look lovely! I have never tried those.... maybe I will try them the next time I need bricks!